Open Obedience (AKC), Rally Advanced/Excellent (AKC), Master Earthdog (AKC) (She also has 7 Irondogs and her Westie Club Level D 10/10), Agility Open Preferred Standard and Jumpers (AKC),
Versatile Dog Excellent (Westie Club America) Rally Level 2 (APDT)

I've chosen my favorite photos to share.

A Master Earthdog "hunt up" early in the morning

Continuing the hunt up

Molly as a tiny puppy

A younger Molly

Molly grows up

Nothing Molly likes better than getting dirty!

Molly has fun with lots of activities

In February we attended an obedience trial at Sportsmen's. A newspaper person was there and he took photos and video of Molly. She ended up on the Detroit News website in a video and on the front page of the News that Friday. Click on the photo to link to the newspaper website and see the article and video.

The next weekend at Cobo, a vendor took a photo of Glennie and Molly while we were at the Lure Racing exhibit. They ended up using it in their newsletter/advertisement.

And on March 22, Miss Molly made my dreams come true by earning her CDX (Open Obedience) title in fine fashion. Click on her photo to see the video!

Three Open Legs
Three Open Legs
See how she heels
See how she heels!
She retrieves and jumps and does a fine drop
She fronts and she sits and she stays like a rock!
Did you ever see such a sight in your life?
As three Open Legs WOW
Three Open Legs!!